Board Membership


The Bridge Youth Service is an Incorporated Association registered with the Victorian Registrar of Incorporated Associations and subject to the application of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Victoria).


  • An Incorporated Association has a constitution that includes a set of model rules. These rules constitute the terms of a contract between the association and its members; this contract is enforceable by the courts. The constitution identifies the purpose of the Association.

  • The Bridge aims to support the empowerment of individuals and families, and the development of community, through the provision of quality, relevant programs and services, flexibly delivered according to individual and community need.


Governance and Management policies have been developed by The Bridge Youth Service and they underpin all of the organisation's operations.


The term 'governance' refers to responsibility for ensuring that the organisation meets all of its legal and ethical obligations. Governance processes include setting the vision, planning for the future, controlling resources, and exercising authority, accountability and leadership. This is largely the responsibility of the Board of Management.

The term 'management' refers to organising, leading and coordinating resources. This is largely the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, under the guidance of the Board of Management. An effective relationship between the Board of Management and the Chief Executive Officer is a key element in ensuring effective overall governance and management.


The Board of Management is responsible to all stakeholders; that is, to everyone who is interested and/or can be affected by the activities of the organisation. The Board of Management ensures that the organisation achieves its goals and fulfils its legal and ethical obligations.



Role of the Board of Management


The Board of Management is ultimately responsible for everything that the organisation does and may make decisions (exercise powers and functions) on all matters except where the Constitution or the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Victoria) provides otherwise.


Specifically, the Board of Management has responsibility for:


  • Strategic planning to guide the organisation in achieving its mission and goals;

  • Setting broad directions to guide the work of the organisation and the use of resources;

  • Overseeing internal policy and procedures development and implementation;

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the organisation;

  • Appointing the Chief Executive Officer and evaluating his or her performance;

  • Monitoring compliance with relevant statutory and legal requirements;

  • Ensuring that the organisation meets its obligations as an employer, contractor and service provider; and

  • Reporting on the performance of the organisation through the annual report, annual general meeting and audited financial statements.


Board Member Statement of Responsibilities:

Download the Statement of Responsibilities here: Board Member Statement of Responsibilities


Application for Board Membership:

Download application form here: Bridge Board Membership Application Form.pdf


Note: Adobe Reader is required to open these files and can be downloaded here:



Applications should be sent as confidential to:

President of The Board of Management

The Bridge Youth Service

PO Box 1954

Shepparton, Vic 3632


Following application applicants are contacted and providing there are vacancies on the Board of Management an interview may be arranged.